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Tours of the Underground Railroad in Bucks County

For thousands of escaped slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Underground Railroad represented hope for a new life. This secret network of hidden, safe places relied on abolitionists and kind communities to aid runaways on their journey northward. Bucks County was home to many important stops on the railroad from taverns and churches to privately owned farms, many of which can still be visited today. You can read more about this on Visit Bucks County's website, you can also view some of the pictures related to this in the gallery above.

Currently the museum is offering PRIVATE, in-person tours for groups of 15 or more, or, online virtual tours of the different Underground Railroad sites throughout Bucks County. For more information about which tour option best fits your group, please email Erika Land, the Museum's Program Manager, at

Central Bucks County

Underground Railroad Tour

Lower Bucks County

Underground Railroad Tour

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Join the AAMBC as we take you on a tour featuring stations along the network of underground railroad locations in Bucks County. See historic churches, the Harriet Tubman Memorial in Bristol, private homes, and taverns that served as way stations and tunnels of the Underground Railroad. The AAMBC is interested in sharing this largely unknown and rich history right here in Bucks County and invites educators, cultural groups, faith congregations, seniors, and other community groups to develop programs that incorporate our videos as an educational tool.

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