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We Stood Up

The AAMBC is pleased to offer a special virtual assembly program highlighting heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. This virtual assembly is narrated by instructor, composer, and filmmaker Rodney Whittenberg and features elements of an audio anthology, called "We Stood Up," which was originally produced by the

Lincoln Financial Foundation. 

There are two versions available:

Grades K-5 (running time 25 minutes)

Grades 5-12 (running time 33 minutes)

To learn more or to schedule a program for your school, please contact Erika Land, the Museum's
Program Manager at 215.752.1909 or email


Who Am I?

The AAMBC created a pop-up exhibit called, “Who Am I?” as part of our Black History Month school visitation program in 2020. The exhibit features a walkthrough of several interactive stations that recognize the contributions of both well-known and hidden figures in African American history, as well as artifacts illustrating the unique and rich cultural heritage of Africa. The exhibit is presented live by AAMBC volunteers in an interactive format allowing for Q&A discussions. Students are provided with additional educational materials to reinforce what they learn.


This program can be customized for elementary, middle school and high school aged students.

Please email the Museum's Program Manager, Erika Land, at 
to learn more or to schedule a program for your school.

For a week during February's African American History Month, AAMBC created a "pop-up" museum on our auditorium stage, and students grade 9-12 toured the exhibit, listened as the museum's knowledgeable volunteers brought the various periods of African American and Civil Rights history to life. Students whose knowledge of this topic was previously limited to what they read were now able to view it in a new light. Students were exceptionally engaged and asked insightful questions. The feedback we received from our students and faculty was phenomenal. Sadly, the experience became all the more relevant with George Floyd's death in June.



Supervisor of Pupil Services

Bucks County Technical High School


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